Front Cover
"finding dotty" the book


Open the book and discover the world where hairbrushes become hedgehogs and purses become toads.
Can Dougal find Dotty in the potting shed?

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Below are some free activity sheets to download and colour in.

Hairbrush HedgehogsPurse ToadsBasket


the making of "finding dotty"

Alternative front covers

I have been developing “Finding Dotty” for a while. I knew I wanted to create a story in a bag/ potting shed and explored how I might make the shed look with drawings 1 and 2, these images, looked too much like a bag and not enough like a shed, so I completed drawing 3 which although looked lovely I felt was to much like a shed and not enough like a bag! Back to the drawing board then with the final image of the bag / shed, which is my front cover.
Its not often that I have such a labored process, however when I do its very instructive in crystallizing my thinking.
After working on the shed the rest of the characters evolved when I thought about animals and insects that hibernate and could be fitted and found in a bag.
I am often asked how long the images take from start to finish; the full double spreads take about two weeks with some of the smaller images about a week.

I am lucky to have a lovely big drawing desk in my workroom so I can work standing or sitting, with a view of the flowers in my front garden.


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